Take control of your reputation

What are people saying about you – and your business?  Everything people say about you has an impact on your reputation.  To get people to RAVE about you:

  • Influence your REPUTATION
  • Become an AUTHORITY in your industry
  • Stay highly VISIBLE
  • Show off your EXPERTISE

If you need help in polishing your reputation to a fine shine we can help with:

Reputation Marketing

Strategy development, Monthly membership group, and books to support and help.


Commercial Copywriting

Content for websites, blogs, newsletters, email campaigns, and other marketing material

Social media support

Content generation for LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, X, Threads, Pinterest and YouTube.

Author Guides

If you want to write a book get expert help with planning, writing, editing, publishing and marketing.

The marketing handbook for SMEs

The R.A.V.E. Toolkit is a marketing guide for small business owners.   If you want a handbook to guide you through all your marketing activities, this is it!

Have you read The Reputation Gap yet?

This book is stuffed with tips, strategies and stories of the disasters and delights of reputation management. It’s an investment to put you and your business on the map.

Get to the Hidden Treasure

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There is a ton of information to help you with marketing, strategy, social media, along with ‘how to’ guides and models.

Most of it is free (although there are a few items with a cost attached), all you need to do is complete the form and raid the treasure!

The face behind the expertise

Meet Lesley Morrissey, author, coach, trainer, consultant – and the leader of the Inside News team.

“I’m a lefty-brained, pedantic, bossy nag.  But our clients seem to like that!   I’m on a mission to improve communication generally and written communication in particular.”

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