Get your book written

If you have some ideas, but don’t know where to start the Author checklist will give you some guidance.

You’ll need your book structure developing and a chapter plan for each chapter.  Also a ‘recipe’ that you’ll use for each chapter to improve reader retention.

You’ll also need a writing schedule with time blocked out to develop your ideas into the narrative.

‘I’m not a writer!’

If you know what you want to cover in your book, but struggle with turning ideas into text, there are many ways to get from your ideas to a finished manuscript.  You can:

  • Work with a professional editor to polish up your rough notes
  • Dictate your idea in verbal form and get it transcribed (it will still need editing)
  • Work with a professional writer who will interview you and develop your ideas into a manuscript
  • Work with a writing coach to help you work through your book chapter by chapter.

You can get help with all of these methods from our expert team, to take the stress out of creating your book.

To explore the kind of help available phone us on 01245 690852 or email us for more information.