Show off and stay visible

Potential clients want to know how good you are – it’s a risk engaging anyone they don’t have previous experience of. You may have testimonials that reassure them, but the way that most people check things out these days is online. What do they find when they put your name or business into Google?

If you have a website they might find that – but it could be on page 27 and nobody ever gets that far down the rankings. However, the social media sites rank very high – they’re high traffic, high activity sites – so, if you have a profile and post regularly your profile and posts will be up at the top of the lists. That’s just the start – now they have access to your updates, LinkedIn profile, Facebook Page, Instagram and Pinterest posts and Tweets. Where do your posts take them?

If you’re smart you’ll have regular posts with links to your website and blogs – this is where you show off your expertise and impress the socks off potential clients with how wise and knowledgeable you are!

When you’re a busy person and, perhaps, not a natural writer, this can all be a bit of a challenge – but that’s where we come in. A 20-30 minute phone chat once a month can be all that’s needed to produce two or three blogs, enough short posts for a week (and, potentially, the lead item for your newsletter).

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