Get your marketing strategy on target

Marketing gets a whole lot easier when you have a clear plan and know what to do to achieve the outcomes you want.

If you’d like to work through a straightforward marketing strategy and end up with a plan you can put into action, investing in a pair of marketing strategy consultations will deliver exactly that.

How does it work

The strategy sessions usually take place via online conferencing and each session will last around an hour – with some work for you to do between the sessions.  To make the sessions effective they should be between 5 and 14 days apart.  You’ll get some follow up reminders too, to ensure you apply your plan and take action.

You’ll work through a 5-step process that will ensure your marketing activity is highly targeted, focused and measurable.  You’ll get the templates to work on so your plan comes together easily and advice and guidance to make sure that you’ve got a streamlined and effective system.  If you need additional support to put your plan into action, that’s available too.

For more information or to book your session please contact us.