Create compelling content

Direct mail and marketing material

When you want to promote your business and its products and services, it’s important that your printed material makes an impact. We live in a disposable age and it’s all too easy to crumple a piece of paper and ‘file’ it in the wastepaper basket (or recycling sack). That means it’s much more important to get your marketing material right.

Whether you want:

  • A corporate brochure
  • A flyer for a single product, service or event
  • An educational fold out
  • A business card that acts as a marketing tool

You’ll get advice on what gives your marketing material a higher retention value and ensures that your very expensive printed material really works hard for your company.

At the end of the day you want your message to be not only memorable, but to persuade people to take action.

We’ll create the words and work with your designer on the layout to ensure maximum readability. If you don’t already have existing relationships, we can recommend designers and printers that are tried and tested.

Got an idea for a marketing flyer? Give us a call on 01245 690852 and let’s discuss it.