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This section offers you learning, useful documents with helpful processes and some of the things we’ve found that might inspire you. Dip in whenever you want to! Sharing is part of your success strategy.

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Most of these are free, although a few cost money and they all give you either detailed instructions to make those online activities easier or ideas that will improve your marketing and image development.

Dive in and help yourself to guides, how tos, models and formulas to make life as a business owner much easier!

Useful free guides

Nail down your perfect client profile

A step-by-step guide to build your ideal customer avatar:  Cost: Zero!

The marketing machine

A graphic guide to demonstrate how to feed your marketing machine with minimal effort.  Cost:  Zero!

Online marketing for SMEs

If marketing is something you know you should do, but you’re struggling to put together a sensible marketing plan, this structure will help you to get everything lined up.  It’s just 3 pages – but will generate a lot of information for you to start with.  It’s another freebie too.

How to get great testimonials

The questions that get you compelling third party validation.  Cost:  Zero!

How to create a website that works

What you need to know to get a web site that engages your visitor and persuades them to take action.  Cost:  Zero!

How to blog for business

A step-by-step strategy to take you from zero to writing a regular blog.  And it won’t cost you a penny.

Useful free guides

How to create a marketing funnel

If you want to generate more leads, use this process to keep potential customers joining your list.  This is a basic structure to get you started – and costs zero to download.

13 steps to turn LinkedIn into a lead generator

If you own a business LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool.  Find out how to optimise your profile and use your free account to start building the right kind of relationships with people who are looking for an expert like you.  It’s free to download.

Social media policy standard

If your business doesn’t have a social media policy, this template is a good place to start.  Keep it simple – and it’s free.

12 and a half steps to write a good article

If you fancy writing a blog, creating an article for an industry publication, adding a post to your LinkedIn profile and don’t know where to start, this is a formula that will get you started. IT costs nothing (but if you need someone to write for you, we’ll start charging you!)

Pipedream to Proposal worksheet

If you’re planning to write a book – download this worksheet and invest some time to give your masterpiece a better chance of success.

Achieve your goals

A simple structure that makes setting personal goals easier and gives you a straightforward process for ensuring you achieve what you want to.

Video tutorials


LinkedIn as a Lead Generator

9 video tutorials with downloadable notes that will take you from setting up your profile to building relationships that turn into customers.  Only £47.

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Books & reports to help your business

How to market your business better in 30 days

How to write for the web, for marketing materials, newsletters, blogs, articles and much more.  This 30-day ebook guide gives you actions for each day to keep you on track.  £17 to download 60+ pages packed with information.


Reputation marketing made easy

An ebook outlining five steps to success complete with models, worksheets and more.  Take the strain out of getting a reputation for excellence.  £12 for instant download to get you started.