9 modules that will transform you into a LinkedIn expert!


Before you do anything else – bookmark this page, so you can find it again when you want to resume your learning.

LinkedIn is a powerful networking platform – and the secret of good networking is to build your relationships with the right people. 

Work through each short module – and then complete the assignment before moving on to the next one.  By the time you’ve completed all nine you’ll be using LinkedIn better than 99% of the other LinkedIn members and starting to make connections with people who turn into clients.

Watch the video and download the notes to refer to as you work through.  Your assignments are also at the end of the notes for that module.

1: Presenting yourself professionally

Download your notes and don’t forget to do your assignment before you move on to the next module.

2: Optimising your experience

All the notes include screenshots (current at time of recording) to help you follow the steps.  Download them and do the assignment before you do module 3.

3: Your About section (or summary)

Your notes will help you when you start to work through updating your About section.  And don’t forget to do your assignment before tackling the next module.

4: Managing your contacts

Watch the video and then use your notes to help you to follow the steps.  Download the pdf and do the assignment before you do the next module.


5: Search for your ideal customers

Download your notes so you can refer to them as you work through the module.  The assignment is at the end of your notes.  If you do the assignments as you go along, you’ll already be using LinkedIn effectively by the time you complete the programme.

6: Groups and adding value

Check out the notes for detailed steps – and keep doing those assignments!

7: Relationship building strategies

Use your notes as a quick reference and check you’ve followed the right steps (and revisit as you develop your LinkedIn habits).  Then do the assignment.

8: Build your press list

Click below to download your notes – and don’t forget your assignment.

9: Maintain your activity

The final module – get your diary ready to start planning your time so LinkedIn becomes a habit.  

Congratulations on completing the LinkedIn programme!

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