lead magnet

Lead magnets don’t work!  While the name implies that potential clients are magically attracted to you via your lead magnet, there’s no magic involved!

If you haven’t heard of a ‘lead magnet’, it’s something of value that you give away in exchange for the recipient’s contact details.  That puts them into your marketing funnel.  Typically, this is a pdf download that delivers information of value to your ideal client audience.

When loads of people use these to grow their lists – why don’t they work?

One of my clients asked me if I would guarantee that the lead magnet we’re working on would deliver results.  I had to say ‘no’.  I can help clients to create attractive documents with bags of value for their audience – but I can’t guarantee that their list will grow as I have no control over how they promote it.

If you rely on the odd person noticing it on your website and downloading it, you’re probably going to get one or two people added to your list a month.  However, if you invest a little in promoting it on Facebook ads or even Google ads, you could end up with hundreds of new sign ups every week.

If you don’t want to spend money on growing your list here are some other ways to get more sign-ups:

  • Email all your existing clients with the link to sign up.
  • Email everyone else you know with the link to sign up (you’ll need to do these individually if you want to stay compliant with data protection). Don’t write off friends and family, even if they’re not in business they know people who are.
  • Send new connections on your social media the link to your sign-up page and invite them to take advantage of your freebie.
  • Put the link to the download in your social media profiles.
  • Put the link into your email signature.
  • Print the link on the back of your business card.
  • Get a digital business card and have the form so people can sign up directly from the digital document.
  • Tell people about it in your networking 60 seconds presentations.
  • Get the document title and link signwritten on your company vehicle.
  • Get leaflets or postcards made with the image of the document and the link to sign up made and do a drop round all the local businesses near you.

You just need a bit of creativity – and your list will grow.