If you ever wonder what to post on Twitter – here are 14 ideas to get you started.

1. Share your knowledge and demonstrate your expertise; give us tips that we can use.

2. Tell us what you’re doing, not having lunch, but the latest project you’ve completed let us know what you can do.

3. Let people know if you’ve landed a new contract and celebrate!

4. Answer other people’s questions or offer to have a ‘clinic’ for a specified period of time.

5. Post testimonials you’ve received – the important bit is the results the client experienced.

6. Retweet Tweets you find interesting, amusing, useful to your followers. Never RT anything you haven’t checked out (links).

7. Get into conversation, respond to other people’s tweets, it shouldn’t be a one way street.

8. Recommend good books, films, websites, services and products – and why you think they’re good.

9. Share interesting articles, blogs, videos and pictures (shrink links) and tell us why they’re interesting.

10. Ask questions and get the Twitter community to help you on your journey of discovery!

11. Give testimonials to other Twitterfolk. Let the world know when you’ve had great service or a brilliant outcome.

12. Post your blog links so people know what you’re talking about.

13. Promote your courses, new ventures, products – but not too often and don’t just post a sales pitch.

14. Be human! Whilst we might not want to know what you’re eating, sharing triumphs and disasters is fun.

Remember, people won’t listen if all you do is talk:  Get involved, engage with people and your followers will increase.
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