Let’s assume you’ve done a cracking job on the web copy for your home page and lots of eager visitors have clicked through to look at what you’ve got to offer.

The services page has loaded – and what do they get? These tips will ensure that your services page isn’t drab and depressing, but has some life and energy!

Tip 1
A great headline (on every page) engages the reader. Invest plenty of time in making your headline connect with the reader. What will they get? What do they want? What are the problems your services will solve? Suggest there’s an answer to these questions – or pose them in your headline.

Tip 2
If they’ve already got through the home page, you don’t want loads of text – keep it short and to the point. This is the entry page – not a description of every service you provide. 200 words at most, less if possible.

Tip 3
Focus on benefits – what’s in it for me. What will the visitor’s life be like with your service? What positive experiences will they have? What guarantees do you offer? Tell them – draw the picture for them in words (but don’t let your imagination run away too far, this isn’t a competition for colourful description).

Tip 4
Write about them, not about you. Don’t tell them what you do, tell them what they get.

Tip 5
Don’t cram all your services into this page – have subpages with information on each service clearly presented and accessible from both the menu AND hyperlinks.

Use these tips and you’ll be on the right track.
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