When people land on your services or products page – what do they get? I’m not talking about ‘buy one get one free’ deals, or discounts or special offers – I’m talking about what are you presenting – and, more to the point HOW?

These are common mistakes that web designers and DIY web builders make:

#1. No headline
If you think that, because someone has already connected with your site on the home page they don’t need it, think again. You never know which page your visitor will arrive on.

#2. Too much information
When you’re introducing a range of products or services don’t try and dump everything on the visitor at once. Use this page as an introduction and have sub pages that are able to focus on one thing at a time.

#3. Navel gazing
When you write copy that starts with ‘We do/make/sell …’ or ‘Our widget does …’ you’re navel gazing, in other words, talking about yourself. Focus on ‘you’ not ‘we’.

#4. Talking about what it is
When you’re presenting a product or service and you are describing what it is you are way short of the emotional triggers that make people buy. Talk about what it does and, even more important, what they get.

#5: Technical jargon
Or any sort of jargon. Even if you think that all your potential clients will understand what you’re talking about, don’t assume that. Explain terms, use layman’s language and focus on what the technical aspect delivers in the way of benefits (a good phrase to use is ‘which means that …)

#6: Too many options
If you’ve got 23 different products don’t expect me to decide which one to look at – group them into logical sections and give me a page for each group. Much less frightening!
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