If you’ve got visitors to your website you want to keep them! This is all about readability. Reduce your bounce rates and improve retention by paying attention to these five things:

1. Put the headline in the right place – it needs to be in prime real estate – usually around two fifths of the way down from the top of the screen (that’s the actual physical screen, not the webpage) and about 4-5 cms in from the left hand edge. That’s where people’s eyes generally connect with the screen.

2. Make sure that your headline is the biggest font on the page – it needs to be at least 18pt and should not be overpowered by fancy graphics and page names.

3. Do not include the word ‘we’ in your headline. If possible use the word ‘you’. Make sure it addresses the reader’s pain or gain, it must hit an emotional trigger to keep them reading.

4. Don’t write loads of ‘stuff’ (web copy) about your services – focus on what the reader gets, what it will do for them and how much better life will be with your product/service in place. Stick to the point, short words, short sentences and short paragraphs. A good web page is no more than 2 screens – even better if you can get it on one!

5. Don’t put anything on the page that moves more than once. Moving images distract the eye and they never get to read your message.

6. Don’t present your copy where the web copy is in a lighter colour than the background – this will create ‘dazzle’ and make reading hard work. Many people just won’t get what you’ve got to say.

7. Paragraphs should be left aligned, not justified and not centred. This is the easiest format for people to read. They don’t get ‘lost’ and reread lines or skip lines as much so no frustration factor to overcome!

If you really want people to get your message – take action and you’ll improve your visitor retention rate.
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