When you write to market your product or service it’s essential to get your marketing copy polished so that it does the job you want it to.

These are just seven tips that will help you to get your marketing copy right every time.

1. Every message needs a ‘read me’ headline or subject line to get people engaged.

2. Know why people buy your product/service – and not the same service from another company who does the same thing. This is powerful material to include in your marketing copy.

3. It’s not about what you do – it’s about what your customer gets; there is a difference.

4. Find out what people want to know, it may not be what you want to tell them.

5. Simple language, short sentences, short paragraphs, lots of white space – give your marketing copy energy.

6. People aren’t interested in what it IS; they might be interested in what it DOES and are v. interested in what they get.

7. Good marketing copy relies on you dangling the ‘carrot’ of what the customer gets that makes their life easier or reduces their stress; then you can ask for action. Marketing copy often falls short when the writer forgets to ask the reader to do something.
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