Email marketing can be very powerful, but there are some key facts that anyone embarking on an email marketing campaign needs to know:

1. One message is not enough in any email marketing campaign 3, 4 or 5 are better. Very few people buy at the first time of asking – the experts say it needs at least 7 ‘touches’ – which can include phone calls, meetings, email, visits to your website, etc.

2. Message intervals should be between 5 and 12 days depending on your product/service. Too often and you can annoy people, too long and they forget you.

3. Each email marketing message should stand alone, but be about the same subject area, not a different product/service. Consistency is important. For those who only read one or two, each one has to make sense. For those who read them all they should not confuse with too many different messages.

4. Don’t send each message on the same day of the week – so not at 7 day intervals – if that’s a busy day they may be deleted or ignored, so vary the day of the week that the message arrives on.

5. Make sure the subject line is strong enough to get people’s attention and get them to open it. If the ‘open me’ line doesn’t engage the recipient your message is irrelevant!

6. The content must address a potential problem, then offer a solution with BENEFITS. Keep it short and focused and know what your target audience really wants.

7. Complete the email with a call to action – and make the action easy, web address as a link, phone number in the text they’re reading, not hidden in the footer somewhere.

With any email marketing campaign it’s essential to know your audience and target your messages at a niche, rather than hit a very wide list. These techniques will improve your results.
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