Your About us page is not usually the first place people will look, but it is the place where they’ll check after they’ve decided you’ve got something they want. It’s where they ‘check you out’ – does your web copy tell them that you’re someone they will want to deal with?

If it’s a list of ‘we do this and we do that’ or ‘we’ve been in business for x years’, it won’t tell your reader much about you at all. What they want to know is who they’re dealing with – what are you passionate about, why do you think what you deliver offers something special, what are your values and beliefs?

Most About page web copy is pretty boring, having something with a human touch will bring yours to life and create energy.

By all means write in the third person ‘Inside News was launched in 2000 to deliver a first class newsletter to Ford Motor Company and the first assignment was to cover the opening of Fords new Environmental Testing Lab.’ However, your web copy need to include some quotes from the head honcho or founder or managing director. For example; ‘Managing Director, Lesley Morrissey, says “We spent the first three months finding our way around the huge plant, but soon built up a network of contacts and stories came to us allowing us to deliver a wide variety of information to the 5,500 staff.”

Find a way to include your track record and any special expertise, but keep your web copy lively and fresh, not dry and dusty. It may be the defining factor in someone’s decision to buy from YOU!