This blog has real magic as it was written by The Sourcerer – aka Shelley Morris who keeps me organised.  It’s all about one of those ‘obvious’ things that many people overlook.  Enjoy!

Exasperated and infuriated describe very well how I’ve felt on many an occasion when I’ve had to resort to trawling the internet to find a phone number or website address for someone who’s emailed me.

Why do people do this?   If you want to do business with someone, surely you should make it easy for them to get in touch?

When you meet a new contact or client, you present them with your business card.   Nobody would present a card with just a name and no contact information – it makes no sense; so why do so many people send business emails with a blank area where their professional information should be?

Are you missing a Trick?

Not only does it look unprofessional, and irritates the recipient (not the best way to form a business relationship);  but an email with no signature is seriously missing a trick: a marketing trick.

Email signatures are simple yet critical marketing tools

How many emails do you send each day, on average? Think of each one as an opportunity to share your message. Here are just a few ways in which you could be putting your email signature to good use:

Social media is an important and integral part of any marketing campaign.  If you’re doing it, why not use your email signature to let people know you’re out there and ready to connect?  Include links to all your networks and your connections will grow faster.

Your latest service or product can be promoted in your email footer – if you have a visual to add and a direct web link to the right page on your site – you’ll get more clicks and more enquiries or sales.

If you’re running an event use your email footer to promote it.  You never know who might find it’s just what they were looking for.

Don’t miss out – make sure people can get in touch when they want to know more about you and your products and services without giving them a headache trying to track you down.


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