In business your success is often directly linked to the impact you make on other people. We all know people who are very good at something, but aren’t as successful as another person who is maybe not as good at that skill, but really knows how to make an impact and engage people.

Making an impact is ALL about communication – whether it’s:

  • At a networking event,
  • In a 1-2-1 meeting,
  • When someone sees your business card
  • Or looks at your website,
  • When you’re presenting in a meeting
  • In a sales pitch
  • From a platform.
  • It is even visible in emails and letters (yes, some people still put things in envelopes and stick a stamp on!)

    Of course, your impact can also be made in blogs – like this – in articles that appear online and in the media, in your newsletters and marketing material.

    This list is long – and the question is not only are you making an impact, but how consistent is your impact? Do people get the same message from every angle?
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