If you’re not a writer the idea of producing content regularly can be daunting – and prone to slipping off your to do list in favour of other tasks that you feel more comfortable doing!

So what can you do to keep up with producing articles?

Brainstorm your schedule

Spend an hour or two planning for a few months.  Subjects should be your areas of expertise as that’s what you want to show off.  Think about the questions people often ask – those are good subjects.  What tips do you have on each area you’re an expert in?

Keep track

I keep a spreadsheet with the dates I plan to post on, the category each article will be about and the article title.  This keeps me on track and lets me check back on what I’ve covered recently.

Schedule writing time

I have a diary appointment every month to write the articles for the month ahead.  So this article you’re reading is being created during that time that was blocked out.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

An article can be used in many more places than just on your blog.  You can post it on your LinkedIn profile as an article (a post, rather than an update), you can use it as the lead item on your monthly newsletter, you can take quotes out of it for social media, you can turn it into a video or a podcast too. 

If you’re worried that people will think that’s ‘cheating’ – don’t!  Most people will only see/hear one version and if they do happen to have seen your blog AND get your newsletter, for instance, all that happens usually is a validation “Oh yes, that was a good article.”

‘People never consistently do who they aren’t’

This is a quote from Peter Thomson – and, while it’s grammatically incorrect, it’s very true.  The point is if, after trying to write your blogs consistently, you’re still falling by the wayside, it’s time to find a different solution.

  • You could dictate them, if writing isn’t something you enjoy, and get them typed up.
  • You could delegate them to someone in your team who does write.
  • You could talk to a writer who will take your ideas and write them up for you.

If you need some help, our team does this for lots of clients so please give us a call on 01245 473296.  You might find investing in help frees you up to do the things you’re good at.