You don’t have to write to be able to blog; if you’re more comfortable talking then do a podcast or video and load that instead.

If you do decide to write don’t ramble, keep it focused, make your point, stop when you’ve done that.

If you’re short of ideas, take a look at the news or search on your key subject for news items and comment on your industry topics.

Testimonials are great material for blogs, there’s nothing wrong with a little self-promotion! If it was an interesting project you can always extend it into a case study. This will also give your readers an idea of how you work. Don’t forget to post testimonials for other people – be generous enough to let the world know when someone has done something that has exceeded your expectations.

Before you post your blog check your keyword density; aim for a minimum density of 2% and no more than 6%, but try not to bend the copy out of shape, remember your reader.

When you’ve posted your blog, put the link into your social networks to increase traffic and interest. Use tools like Ping and Onlywire to spread the word quickly and easily.
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