I was lucky to work for a client of some of the top advertising agencies back in the 1980’s – I learned from some of the best people in the advertising business how capital letters work. The secret is that most of the time they actually STOP people reading!

If every word of your headline starts with a capital, the eye stops at each word – this means that they read one word at a time instead of the sense of the whole sentence.

In some marketing material this can work – if you know how to construct a sentence using key words that connect individually with the reader – like ‘Free’ ‘New’ ‘Save’ ‘Exciting’. However, when you’re writing a headline for your web copy so that you engage the reader, this is not the best way to go about it – you want the whole message to hit them, right between the eyes!

If you really want to learn how the marketing gurus make capitals work you’ll need to read the material generated by people like Ted Nicholas, Frank Kern, Armand Morin and others.

When it comes to your web copy your headline just needs to be easy to read, fast to digest and tell people you’ve got what they’re looking for.