When people connect with your business do they get a consistent message?

Does the brand on your website reflect the signature on your emails, heading on your letters and invoices, colours and image on your marketing flyers and look and feel of your business card?

If you can’t confidently say ‘yes’, then it’s time to review all these and do some tweaking.

Just recently I came across a company who had had a new logo designed.  They had received a selection of possibilities and had narrowed it down to two they liked – they then proceeded to use one on their business card and the other on all the other documents they were sending out.  Yes, of course it had the same name on them, but the visual image was different, not just a bit, but quite a lot.  Same colour, but a completely different logo.

This is a recipe for confusing their customers and potential customers – so we’ve made a final decision on which logo works best in all the places it needs to appear.  People will now be able to ‘join up the dots’ without taxing their brains or going through an ‘I wonder if that’s the same company?’ internal conversation.

There are also companies I’ve worked with who have one logo in many different colours.  Sometimes this is because they have several services and they want to define the service offerings by a colour; sometimes it’s just because they like the colours!  It can work – but if everyone has different coloured business cards, what is the core colour you use on your key documents or on your website?  Think very carefully about the impact this can have on your professional image and your brand.

I am not a designer – but I work with many designers and have, as they say ‘been around the block a few times’, I’ve seen inconsistent branding confuse some clients enough to set aside that company, simply because it makes them feel ‘unsettled’.  It’s not worth putting anything in the way of people getting your message – give your customers and potential customers an easy way to buy; no obstacles, no barriers, no confusion.


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