That’s what most people do when faced with a full inbox populated by random newsletters. Most people’s experience of marketing email and newsletters is that the majority are sycophantic or just plain boring.

If your strategy for growing your marketing list is to ask people to sign up for your newsletter on your website, don’t be surprised if very few people actually accept the invitation. Let’s be honest, you don’t want any more newsletters in your inbox, so why should anyone else?

How to get people to read your newsletters

Start with a great subject line. Acme Widgets Newsletter October 2017 is the fastest way to get deleted. But something more intriguing will trigger curiosity in the reader and, at least, get them to open it. How about

Are you the loose nut in your machine?

The peculiar tale of the widget that got lost.

Did you know that …

Once you’ve got them to open your email, keeping them engaged depends on telling them something they want to know (not something you think they need to know).

How many newsletters have you read that kick off by telling you their latest company news? New staff, new premises, even new products are more about you than me, your reader.

The best newsletters start with a hook relating to something your audience is really interested in.

  • What can you tempt them with?
  • What will get their attention?
  • What problems are they suffering from – that you can solve?

If you know your audience well (in other words you know your ideal client inside out) finding these subjects won’t be a big step.

Then write a chatty newsletter, as though you were writing to a friend, and you’ll engage your reader.

Don’t ramble on, chatty doesn’t mean long-winded. Talk directly to your audience as though they’re right in front of you and they’ll keep reading. Best of all, they’ll want to read the next one you send out.