When creating a profile on an online social network, think about it as the equivalent of meeting someone for the first time at a networking event.

What sort of things do you talk about and in what terms? Don’t turn people off with a sales pitch and don’t embarrass them with too much personal information.

People are interested in what you do and also in a little about your journey to your current career and expertise (and that can add credibility too). If you write about your business, do so with passion and explain why you’re doing what you are – but don’t try and sell from your profile page.

Some online networks are social (Facebook), some are totally business (LinkedIn), some are a mix of both (Ecademy). If you have the facility on any network to ‘write about yourself’, read a few other profiles before you do this and get a feel for the tone of them.

Even on social networks like Facebook and MySpace, give some thought to what you write – you’ll be surprised at what turns up in search engines and you may not want a future employer or client to know the gory details of your last mad night out!

Get the balance right and you’ll help people to get to know you AND to get an idea of your professionalism and passion; a powerful combination.

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