This is your third step on the journey of writing the right thing for the right audience!

Today we’re going to look at what people want. Now you’ve got your message honed and you’ve identified at least one target audience, you need to know how to deliver exactly what they want.

The challenge for most of us is that we know what we deliver, but don’t always check what our audience actually wants. I always ask my clients ‘why do people buy you?’ and ‘what do your current clients like best about what you do for them?’. Most of them don’t actually know the answer, some of them think they know, but can’t clarify it. I get responses like:

“Because they like us.”
“Because we’re good at what we do.”
“We’ve got a long history going back years.”
“I was at school with Joe [the MD].”
“We’ve always delivered what we promised.”
“We’ve never had any complaints.”

Realistically, none of these are good reasons for the client being retained. Delivering what you promise is an expectation, not a bonus! The other comments don’t really tell potential clients why they should do business with you.

The secret is to talk to your clients (past as well as current) and find out what they like about what you do – and, most importantly, what changed for them as a result of your efforts. That’s the bit that will appeal to new clients – the ‘what’s in it for me?’ part of the equation.

Learn about why people buy you and then use that to persuade others to do the same.
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