When I broke my arm – and it was my right one (yes, I’m right-handed), I discovered how many things we do on autopilot. We learn habits that are hard wired into our subconscious and help us to operate with the minimum of fuss.

Are all these good habits? Not necessarily, we learn to do lots of things that are not the best way, just the easiest, because that’s how we’ve always done it. Having to look at how you do something is a great opportunity to review, revise and create a more streamlined or efficient way of doing things.

I’ve already realised that I have things in my kitchen that I don’t use and are actually in the way. Moving them out has created more work space and easier access to the things I do use.

What’s this got to do with websites and web copy?

How many of you have a website that you haven’t changed for ages? Have you actually read your site recently – is it still fresh and up to date, or does some of it need cleaning up? Does some of the information need putting away and a new page putting in its place. Or do you need a change of structure to allow people easier access to the areas they really want to get at?

If you had to start from scratch would your site have the same information as it has currently? I bet it wouldn’t!

Start reviewing and bring your site up to date – oh yes, you’ll find the search engines will start to notice you exist if you start changing things regularly too!
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