If you’re in business you want to provide good quality products and services to your customers – or you won’t stay in business long.  However, does everything you do reflect the same level of quality?

I have a ‘thing’ about business cards and I really don’t understand why someone who is trying to make an impression on potential clients would put a thin, templated design card in their hands.  It shouts ‘lightweight’ in all senses of the word – and it’s low quality.

The same applies to your website – it’s the place people go to check you out, does it reflect the style and quality of your business – or does it look as though it’s been created by an amateur?  It can be the point where a potential client gets turned off – and you will never know about it.

The quality of paper you use for any letters you send out, the weight, content and design of your marketing material, and your posts on social media platforms all build your image and reputation with the people who receive them.

When people meet you in person they start making judgments based on  the way you dress and the way in which you communicate.  If you bore for Britain or are completely self-absorbed then people are less likely to want to deal with you.


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