Your website is where people check you out so it needs to be sticky enough to keep people engaged. If people don’t stay – they don’t turn into potential customers, so the whole point of your website is to get people to stay long enough to make a decision to contact you.

If you’re running an ecommerce site that’s even more important – and, although the structure of the home page may be different, your website won’t work if people don’t hang around!

These are some of the things that make a big difference to the stickiness of your website.

  • Your website needs a single focus point; more than one attention grabber can result in confusion as visitors are faced with having to make a decision – and often leave to find an ‘easier’ website.
  • If you MUST have moving images the movement should be very gentle. If things keep moving people get distracted from trying to read your message. If you want people to get your message, that won’t help you!
  • The text should always be darker than the background (unless it’s a big bold headline) so that your visitor’s brain isn’t engaged with trying to SEE the words rather than understanding what the words are saying.
  • Put the headline where people are looking and make it big enough to catch their attention. Prime real estate is just under your brand and in a big enough clear space to stand out. Don’t clutter your headline up with other messages and visuals around it.
  • Choose your visuals carefully – every image must help you to get your message across, not be merely decoration.
  • The first paragraph must have energy and be about the reader and their challenges, not your business. Focus on them and what they want – they’re not interested in what you do; only in what they get!
  • These are just a few things that will help to get your website focused on the reader and keep them engaged long enough to get your message and take action.
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