Successful email marketing campaigns have two outcomes:

1. Email marketing gets people to buy your product or service.

2. Email marketing develops relationships.

However, in order to achieve both of those there are some basic rules to observe when you’re creating your email marketing campaigns.

Rule 1: Know your target audience. What do they want? How can you help them? Write what they want to know.

Rule 2: Get your subject line right – it must be strong enough for people to want to open it, so not cheesy, not salesy – but definitely intriguing or compelling.

Rule 3: Make sure you’re using a good system that gets the salutation right; don’t use my full name – if you can’t organise for it to say ‘Dear Joe’, then leave the salutation out altogether.

Rule 4: A single email doesn’t work, a good email marketing campaign has a series of at least three and up to five or six. However, each email should stand alone, you don’t know whether they’ve read the one before so any references to former emails can simply irritate and get this one deleted too.

Rule 5: Each email marketing series should focus on one product/service. Don’t try to present more than one subject or you’ll confuse your reader – if they read only one they’ll get the message; if they read more than one you’ll reinforce the message.

Rule 6: Use stories and examples to gain reader engagement and support them with data and statistics. Always end with a call to action – tell them what to do next e.g. ‘Visit our website’; ‘Call us now on …’. Make sure the means to take action are right where you’re asking so link to website, phone number spelled out.

Rule 7: Make sure you’re using a clean list – with permission – or you’ll be ruining your reputation.

Good luck with your next email marketing campaign!
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