keywords on screen

Most of us know that keywords are important.  Some of us know that search engine optimisation is how to improve our website’s visibility – but that’s expensive/time consuming/complicated, isn’t it?

If you engage a specialist SEO company, yes, there is a cost and the only way to work out if the cost is worth it, is to measure the increase in enquiries and sales coming from your website.

Yes, the all-singing, all-dancing SEO strategies can be very time consuming, if you are trying to replicate what a specialist will do.  And, yes, they can be very complicated.

But there’s a quick and easy way to ensure your website shows up in the right searches.

Here’s the strategy

Whether you’re planning a new website or revamping your existing one the first job is to look at each page separately and decide what people would be searching for in order for them to find that page useful.

The shortcut:

This website lets you put your key word or phrase in and then generates all the questions that people typically type into browsers in relation to those.

With a free account there is a limit to how many searches you can do each day, but you’ll get a ton of useful information.  There will be repeats and different ways to say the same thing, but it’s mostly useful.

Another useful resource: Keywords Everywhere

This is a Chrome plug in and for about $10 you can get tens of thousands of results, so it’s low cost.  You put your search term into the search box in Chrome and along with what Google delivers, you’ll see a box on the right with other terms that people search on.

All you need to do is to identify a list of around 5-10 phrases for each of your pages and then ensure that they are mentioned on that page once or twice in the main body copy.

If possible, integrate the highest ranking phrase into the page headline and also in the page title.

When you add images to the page add the key phrase or word to the meta tag for that image too and into the image title.

Is that it?

That’s very basic SEO, and will, at least ensure each page of your website is focused on what that page is about.  If you really want to generate a lot of traffic you will need to think seriously about engaging SEO experts.