If you haven’t read the blog on How to build a sales funnel, read that first.

Now you have your plan in place for what you are going to offer at the four levels of your sales funnel:


Low cost

Bread & butter


Now you need to know how to get people into the top of the funnel and what tools you need to make it work.

Entice people into the top level

First, create a lead magnet.  This is something you give away that has perceived high value for your target market.  Typically it is a pdf knowledge-based document that people can download.

It must have value for your niche.  The more specific, the better as that means that all the people who want to download it are potential customers.

You’ll need a landing page, a form and a means of capturing and storing names and email addresses in a list.

You’ll also need a thank you page where the download is available – only accessible after people have completed the subscribe form.  If you’re smart you can upsell people to level 2 on this page as well.

Then you need to tell people the document is available and give them the landing page link.  You can do this on social media, in your newsletter, on the foot of your blogs, on your email signature – etc. etc.

How to move people to level 2

Now people are on your list you can legitimately email them.  Ideally, you need to aim for good quality content to keep them engaged.  Alongside this you can upsell them to your low cost item.

You could also invest in some digital ads to bring in more paying customers.  You’d need some expert advice on your return on investment though.

Convert customers to clients

Time to add more value!  Two ways to do this are:

  1. Run a free webinar where you share your expertise and knowledge, aimed specifically at the kind of people you want as clients. Then use this to upsell to your next level (Bread and Butter) as paying clients.
  2. Start a private group on Facebook or LinkedIn (depending on where your ideal clients hang out) and deliver lots of value. Run occasional ‘live’ broadcasts to promote your paid service.

Whether you’re offering a course, a subscription or something else, this is the point where people can see what they’re getting free, which gives them an indication of what’s available in the paid level.

Upgrade clients to high value

Once people have committed to pay for your services, they’ve given you their seal of approval.  Some of these people will become raving fans – and they’ll be ready to pay higher fees to work with you on a 1-2-1 basis.  This will build your consultancy practice. 

Don’t forget to let your clients know that this service is available, whether it’s something subtle, like a line on the foot of emails you send only to paying clients or even on the invoice they get for their subscription.

A robust sales funnel makes attracting clients much easier.