When you launch your shiny new website do you test it to find out if it works for the reader?

Ask a selection of customers, suppliers and associates to test it out for you and give you feedback.

Ask them to:

  • Understand the site’s purpose.
  • Find the main product or service on offer.
  • Tell you how easy it was to find a means of contacting you in a way they felt comfortable (email/telephone).
  • Then you might also ask them:

  • Did you find the site easy to use?
  • What was your impression of our services/products?
  • Did you enjoy visiting the site (i.e. no frustrations and difficulties)?
  • Did you find any broken links or features that didn’t work, or didn’t do what you expected them to? What were they?
  • This feedback is invaluable and your test team don’t have to be experts, in fact, it’s better if they’re not. The less web savvy they are the better ‘real-life’ feedback you’ll get.

    Remember the site is for users not designers – don’t be precious, if changes need to be made, then make them! The results will show up in your bottom line!
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