Before I launch myself on the issue of keywords and phrases, please be aware I’m not an expert in search engine optimisation. I know lots of people who are, but wouldn’t begin to try and teach anyone the finer points of SEO! What I do know about is how to create SEO friendly copy.

Firstly, you need to know what people are searching for. The experts have lots of means of working that out – however, a good place to start is to ask a few people what they would type into the search box to find the sort of products or service that you offer.

Remember that people don’t search for ‘professional IT services’, they search for ‘how do I get my computer working properly?’ They won’t put in ‘Advanced Time Management Training programmes’, they’ll put in ‘Getting better organised at work’.

When you’ve got two or three likely phrases (and maybe a few less common, but interesting ones) you need to write copy that uses these between 2-4 times. Don’t contrive the copy – it has to work for the human being reading as well as the search engine.

Bear in mind that today’s search engines tend to ‘read’ the overall content and assess whether it relates to the subject being written about, so a string of keywords just doesn’t impress them at all!

Make sure that the content on the page is all about the subject of the page and makes sense, include your keywords and relate the content to them.

If you want to create more than one landing page for more than one set of keywords, the same applies – and you can’t simply write the same copy with the words changed; Google doesn’t like that and dumps your page! There’s an art to creating alternative copy.
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