If you have a website you want people to arrive, get hooked and read as much as possible so that they get a feel for what you’ve got to offer – and you hit all their ‘hot buttons’. So how do you do that?

Step one is to understand that people are not interested in what you do or what your products are. They want to know what they get – not as in a service or a product, but as in ‘that makes me feel good/satisfied/happy/fulfilled’. It may be a brutal truth, but it’s an important one to get your head around first.

Secondly, you need to know who you’re aiming at – and if you say ‘everybody’ you’re setting yourself an impossible task. My advice is to look at your best client and create a profile of them – more like that would be good (unless you’ve got an exclusivity contract – and even then you can find similarities with other types of business). Aim for the same kind of profile for now, it’s a good place to start.

Thirdly, what are the hot buttons for your target client group? What are they interested in achieving? What gets them excited (about services/products like yours)? What do they want it to do for them?

Now you’ve got some really strong information. Write your headline with all this in mind, write the copy so you target your ideal client’s wants and needs. Focus on the ‘what’s in it for them’, write ‘you’ not ‘we’ and you’ll be well on the way to killer copy!
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