There’s a saying that if you want to find the most efficient way to do something you should ask a lazy person.  The assumption is that they will find the way to achieve the result with the minimum of effort – but why should you work any harder than necessary?

Actually, when you have 101 things to do – today – it makes sense to reduce the effort each one takes, if possible.

So, if writing is a hard grind, here’s how to make one bit of writing go much, much further.

Step one:  Write an article, featuring your expertise.  Aim for between 300-500 words.

Step two:  Leverage it!

How to leverage your article

  1. Find a suitable image and post it with your article on your blog
  2. Take quotes out of it and use them for social media – all linked to the relevant blog post
  3. Post the picture on Pinterest and Instagram with the headline and, maybe, an intro and link to the blog post
  4. Post the article on your LinkedIn profile
  5. Take sections out and post them on your Facebook Page
  6. Record the article and post it as a podcast
  7. Create a video of the article and post it on YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia (or all three)
  8. Use the article as the lead item in your newsletter
  9. Break it into sections and create an email campaign
  10. Approach the industry journal your target audience read and ask if they might be interested in it for their next issue
  11. Turn it into a webinar and use that to generate interest in your paid-for services
  12. Put it together with two or three other articles around the same subject and create a lead magnet (free download in exchange for a name and email address)
  13. Adding several blogs about one subject can create a chapter in a book – over time you could write a whole book!

If one 400 word article can create this much marketing – think what writing one a month could do for your business.