Your LinkedIn profile provides you with a section where you can add your contact info – and one of the options is to add your website link.  When you put the URL in you’ll be asked if you want to designate your website as:

  • Personal
  • Company
  • Blog
  • RSS feed
  • Portfolio
  • Other

Most people choose ‘Company’ if they’re using LinkedIn for business.  However, by doing this you’ll end up with a website link that shows up as: (Company Website)

If you’ve looked at my LinkedIn contact info, you’ll see my website link says:  (Reputation marketing and copy)

How did I do it?

It’s one of those clever little hacks that you either know or you don’t!  I didn’t discover it by accident, someone showed me how to do it about 10 years back!

The secret is to choose ‘Other’, instead of ‘Company’.

This pops out an additional box where you can write a limited description.  It’s only about 30 characters, but if you choose the right words it’s much more appealing than ‘Company Website’.

There’s more

You can list three websites on your profile.  But if you don’t have more than one, don’t miss out on the opportunity to send people to three different pages on your main website. 

These might be the home page and a couple of products or services – again choose ‘Other’ and add an interesting description.

For instance, my other two website links go to the ‘Writing a book’ and ‘Treasure Chest’ pages on my main website.  (Want to write a book?)  (Free goodies!)

Be creative, use this clever option to make your LinkedIn web links attract more people to explore your website.