Currently, the boot of my car has a couple of dozen copies of the latest book I’ve produced, The Reputation Gap, written with my co-author, Peter Roper.  It’s not my first book and I’m currently well into the next one.  As a writer, it’s probably not surprising that I’ve written lots of books, but when I suggest to some of the people I meet that they should write a book, they look astonished, quickly followed by a denial that they have the potential to be an author.

The process of writing, publishing and marketing a book is not one to be embarked on without a little thought, but there’s really no reason why anyone should not write a book, if they’ve got something worth saying.

Reasons why … not

There are multiple reasons people offer as to why they can’t write a book.

I can’t write

That doesn’t really matter.  If you can get your message out verbally, there are many ways to convert what you say into written words.  That might be working with a transcription service or with a ghost writer.

I don’t know what to write

There has to be reason to write a book; it’s a means of getting your message out.  However, if you’re running a business you have almost certainly have specialist knowledge and a wealth of experience to draw on.  You just have to decide what your core purpose is.

There are already several books about my subject available

Every book is unique – and what makes it unique is the author.  Your take on things is what will make your book different to all the others.  To be honest most mainstream publishing companies are not looking for something totally new, they’re looking for something they know already has a market.  If someone is interested in a particular subject they will buy several books about it by different authors.

I don’t have time to write a book

You will need to have some time to plan, but if you have blogs, long social media posts, articles in print, and other material you already have content to work with.  A good editor can work with you to create a structure and then use existing material to populate that.  You may need to add material, but it’s certainly not starting with a blank sheet.

It’s hard to get published

It depends on the route you take.  If you want to get a contract with a mainstream publisher, you will need to put together a strong pitch, as well as providing sample text from your book, a synopsis, etc.  However, these days self-publishing is common and there are some great independent publishers around.  Yes, it costs more, but it’s an investment in marketing.  There’s nothing like the kudos of being an author for enhancing your marketing impact.

Don’t let these reasons hold you back.  If you’re always dreamed of becoming an author, it’s within your reach – all you have to do is take that first step.

If you’d like to have a chat about writing a book, just get in touch and let’s discuss your journey to authorship.  Contact me on 01245 473296.