When someone signs up for your lead magnet, you’ve got their name and email – so now what?

Most email management services include autoresponders as part of their package – and this allows you to nurture your relationship with the people who have shared their contact details.

This is not an excuse to spam them, but it is an opportunity to add value and help them get to know your worth.

Is your lead magnet on target?

If your lead magnet is focused on delivering information that will attract your ideal clients, then creating your autoresponders should be pretty straightforward to plan.

If your lead magnet is more general, it will be harder to follow it up.

The lesson here is that the lead magnet you offer must be exactly that – a lead magnet i.e. it must attract potential clients.  It should not be a carrot for anyone who only wants some free stuff.

Consequently, you need to ensure that both the title and the content of your free giveaway are very specifically targeted to people who need your services.  It’s the difference between:

7 key strategies to finance your next property investment – and get your money out fast


7 tips for property people

People who subscribe to your highly focused lead magnet have now self-identified themselves as potential clients.  Yes, a few will be tyre kickers, but they will be tyre kickers with a demonstrated interest in a very focused subject.

Follow up is critical

How many documents have you downloaded at some time – and never read?  You meant to read them, but got busy and forgot all about them.  So your next job is to ensure your subscribers don’t just forget the massive value you’ve given them.

The secret is to set up a series of follow up emails to pull out the key points in your free document and encourage them to read and apply.  For instance:

On sign up:  Thanks for requesting [lead magnet name], I hope you find it useful.  If you have any questions get in touch.

Day 1: Have you started reading yet? Best tip is on page X

Day4:  Did you check out [key point].  What difference will it make to your business?

Day 8: Have you had time to apply any of the tips? Which was the most useful?

Day 15:  Have you put your action plan together?

Etc, etc,

With autoresponders set up, these emails are automatically scheduled from the point the subscriber signs up.

You could add some P.S.s to remind them about other opportunities you offer, but don’t launch a big sales pitch.

Providing your newsletters are full of value, you can send these as well.  Everything is aimed at educating your list about how good you are at what you do and leading them to take the next step and pay for your services.