I keep hearing people saying they do X – with attitude! That’s great and helps them to stand out from the crowd. However, if you want to create a successful online marketing campaign you don’t just need ‘attitude’ – you need ‘strategy‘!

The problem with most small business owners is that they’ve heard about the success of social media; they’ve been blagged about blogging; they know people who are amazing with article marketing; they know about newsletters – but then they tell you ‘it doesn’t work’. Some of them will tell you ‘it’s a waste of time’ – or even, ‘it’s taking over my life’. Are they right?

That depends. The first question I ask is “What would be happening if it was working?” The best answer I’ve had so far has been, “Bringing in more business.” The most common answer has been “I don’t know really.” That’s a bit like getting in your car and driving off without having any destination in mind!

Strategy is about deciding what you want it to do; what you’re prepared to invest (time/money/resources); what results you want and by when – and how your activities will be measured. Management is putting the strategy into practice.

Online marketing doesn’t work – if you think it’s a sales tool. Online marketing doesn’t work – if you think one entry a week will bring you leads. Online marketing doesn’t work – if you think it’s for broadcasting only.

So that’s what it isn’t. Online marketing is a relationship builder, a lead generator and a reputation enhancer. Make sure your strategy has the right focus then measure your results.
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