We all know that it’s important to stay in a good state of mind if we want to achieve anything, but have you considered how much your current mindset affects your written material?

If you’re planning to sit down and write anything for your business – whether it’s web copy, a marketing flyer or a sales letter – the results you get will reflect the state of mind you were in when you wrote it.

I don’t know about you, but I want people to relate to what I’m saying (in writing) and to feel good about it.  If I’m tired, gloomy, bored, distracted, stressed or worried the copy I write isn’t going to cut it.  If I am feeling good, enthusiastic, happy and things are going well my copy will reflect that and will be more upbeat, stronger and have more energy and life to it.

Does this mean that I’m permanently on a high?  No, I’m human!  It does mean that I work at attitude management and aim to generate positive ‘vibes’ when I’m writing.  The big plus for me is that I love what I do – if you hate writing, get someone else to do it, it will show in the results your written material generates.


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