BootIt is really difficult to see your business objectively when you’re ‘in’ it; this is particularly true in relation to what you write to market your business.

So many of my clients want to tell people how great they are and send lots of social media posts based on ‘Buy our fantastic …’ or ‘Call us to find out more about …’  Their websites are ‘we’d’ all over and are more about what they do than what their client gets and their blogs are either about their achievements or the latest industry news.

However, if I ask them to read similar types of content from other businesses they are really not interested.  Is this you?

  • How do you feel when you read a sales post on your personal Facebook home feed?
  • How far do you read in a blog that starts ‘We’ve won an award …’?
  • Do you open an email with the subject line ‘Acme Widgets July newsletter’ – even if they’re a company you know?
  • What is your response when you arrive on someone’s website home page and it says ‘Welcome … we have been in business since 1983 and we pride ourselves on our professional approach.  Our team are qualified to the highest level, we deliver value to our clients and they are always our top priority.’

In most cases we are too busy to bother with anything that doesn’t tell us something of interest or value, especially when it’s in our personal space.  So, if you don’t want to have this inflicted on you, you can be fairly confident that the people you are trying to contact don’t want that either.


  • Posts that give valuable hints, tips and advice.
  • Blogs that share your expertise and tell people ‘how to …’
  • Newsletters that have an interesting subject line that gets people feeling they want to open it to find out more.
  • Web pages with headlines that grab attention and content that is about what the reader gets – not what the company does.

You’ll find your enquiries and leads increase as a result.