scrambled social mediaIf you’ve ever learned the secret of cooking perfect scrambled eggs, you’ll know that the key to success is patience!  But what have scrambled eggs got to do with social media?

If you want quick scrambled eggs you can throw the eggs into a hot pan and stir a bit – and get slightly rubbery, solid eggs.  You get a result, but it isn’t really what you would like and can be inconsistent.  The same applies to social media.

Scrumptious scrambled eggs

For perfect scrambled eggs you need to have the right tools, the right ingredients and the right method.

A cool bowl to mix the eggs and milk, a non-stick pan, a wooden spatula and a hob that allows you a really low setting.  Fresh eggs, a splash of milk (or single cream), a knob of real butter – and salt and pepper.  Mix the eggs and milk, without beating, and create a smooth mixture.  Don’t add seasoning if you don’t want to get that irritating separation effect where you end up with crumbs of egg and watery stuff.  Salt and pepper can be added when the eggs have been served.

Use the lowest heat you can achieve from the outset, even melting the butter so it doesn’t burn simply dissolves ready for your eggs.   Use a wooden spatula to keep things moving constantly so that the temperature is even throughout the mixture.  Slowly, slowly; keep stirring and don’t be tempted to turn the heat up, no matter what!  The result will be creamy eggs that taste of heaven.

Successful social media

If you embark on using social media to market your business you need to use the same approach:

Choose the right tools – pick the platforms where the people you want to attract are present, use online time-saving tools – but not at the expense of the results and have a plan.

Create the right ingredients – fresh content, a generous helping of value, a small amount of PR and interaction in real time.

Use the right method – plan ahead, share your knowledge, be generous in liking, sharing, reposting, +1-ing, engage with people, be real – and be patient – results take time.  Don’t be tempted to rush things – or abandon part of your plan because it isn’t working quickly enough.  Turning the heat up – adding more content – doesn’t always get a positive result.  Consistency and patience are the keys to success.

So – whether you want to make sensational scrambled eggs or stunning social media success – remember – the right tools, the right ingredients, the right method – and patience!