What's in it for me image

Pinterest is a platform that’s totally focused on images – but when it comes to it – what kind of images work best?


These are very popular.  Basically, they take your expertise and break it down into small bites.  They’re great for sharing statistics or doing comparisons or outlining a process.


  • Use your branding
  • Use your company colours
  • Add appropriate images, especially graphics
  • Make sure each piece of information makes sense in isolation.


  • Write too much
  • Get too creative if you’re not trained in graphic design (software like Canva.com provides some good templates for you to edit)
  • Put lots of white writing on a dark background (makes it MUCH harder to read).

Background image with a headline

These are great for quotes or short facts or even tips.  Choose your background image carefully, it needs to be:

  • Relevant to the headline (not just a pretty picture you like)
  • Be suitable for having text over it that still shows up (so it needs either a light area or a dark area to superimpose the text onto – or fading enough so the text stands out.

Your message needs to be short and to the point.  Ideally a single line of text, big enough to read easily – two lines at most.

Remember why you’re posting – is it to get people onto your website, or just to attract attention and get followers?  Keep your post relevant to what you want to promote.

Targeted promotions

Unlike Instagram, Pinterest allows you to attach specific web URLs to each post. 

  • You can promote your lead magnet with a link to the sign up page,
  • You can promote your latest blog linked directly to the post.
  • You can promote special offers or deals and link right to the relevant web page where the details are.

Do make sure your image features WIIFM (what’s in it for me?).  If you have a good lead magnet or blog title this will probably be enough.

Don’t forget to add your hashtags for keywords that people search on in the description too.

Be creative, take a look at Pinterest’s home page for inspiration.