With a lovely unsullied year ahead, now is a great time to give your reputation marketing plan either a makeover or a shiny polish.

You can never underestimate the power of what people are gossiping about – and, while the public seem to focus on the negative, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some stand out positive things to feed the chatline.

The question is what will get people talking positively about you and your business?

The more value you give, the more fans you’ll gather.  This can be in the form of:

  • Tips and advice in social media posts
  • Great content in groups where your community hangs out
  • Useful information in blogs
  • Valuable guidance in newsletters
  • Free webinars explaining how to do something
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • YouTube channel featuring video information
  • Free ecourses
  • Short presentations at networking meetings that educate, rather than sell
  • Conference keynote speeches

The more you can give, the more people will hear about you and appreciate your knowledge sharing.

When do I get paid?

If you’re looking at the above list and thinking ‘that’s a lot of free stuff to give away’, you’re right – but, if people have sampled your amazing-ness, they’re much more likely to want to pay for more of the same.

In today’s world, where knowledge is available at the click of a mouse, you need to build a horde of raving fans.  These are the people that follow you, rate you and will recommend you.

If you get your reputation marketing system running on high octane fuel, you’ll find that payment comes on its heels.

The secret of success is in the plan

One thing that is important, if you’re not going to spend hours doing all this, is to know what you want to do, how often, when and how.  Then it can become part of your marketing routine – and/or outsourced to experts. 

You can’t abdicate all responsibility, as nobody can BE you, but you can get help with content generation.

A well-planned marketing system will pay dividends in the long-term with a shiny reputation, people talking about you positively and that should put a big smile on your face!