Anyone who has ever written a page, a blog or an article with the search engines in mind will know that, these days, stuffing your content with keywords is more likely to get your site or item ranked down, rather than up.  Today ‘relevant content’ is king.

This means that your submissions need to talk about things that are relevant to your core keyword – then the search engines will like your content better.  However, if you have the same information in more than one place – take care.  Search engines check for duplicate content and, if you post the same blog in several places, your material is likely to get ‘bounced’.  This is where a good command of English becomes your secret weapon!

When I was in my early twenties I worked in Germany and came into contact with many different nationalities.  One day a Sicilian gentleman asked me “Where do you come from?”

“England,” I replied.

“Ah,” he said.  “England – that’s where they write ‘London’ and read ‘Liverpool’!”

Yes, English is a complex language with many irregularities in both grammar and spelling – not to mention words that definitely don’t sound like they look (but it’s not as bad as Welsh or Irish!) however, the vocabulary is rich and there are many different ways of saying the same thing.  This means that rewriting your blog, web page or article to present the same information in different words should be easy.

Work through your content and rewrite the thoughts in different words before you repost your content – it will still be relevant, but different.

You can say:

‘You can buy the perfect present for your partner in our catalogue.’

in more than one way.  How about?

‘You’ll find our catalogue full of fabulous gifts for your partner.’


‘Explore our directory of gorgeous gifts, you can match your partner’s preferences perfectly.’


‘Present the perfect present to your partner – our catalogue is full of stunning ideas.’

Get creative and get more content telling the world about how you can help them.


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