social networking

One of the questions we get asked most frequently is ‘What should we post on social media?’.

It may seem like an ‘obvious’ question, but it’s hard to find or generate good quality  content that establishes your reputation and engages potential clients.

Also, different platforms need different types of content:

  • Twitter: short and punchy
  • Facebook: Entertaining, fun, informative
  • Instagram: Visually attractive
  • LinkedIn: Meaty, opinion, knowledge
  • Pinterest: Visual images, with short narrative – excellent place for infographics.
  • YouTube: How to …, recommendations and reviews, influencer

If you’re active on several platforms then you can find that it’s getting to be a full-time job finding and creating content.  Here are a few tips:

Write an article for your blog and then take quotes from it.  These can be shared on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  A visual representation can be used on Instagram (but Instagram doesn’t feature links to a blog, only the main link in your profile.) and also on Pinterest.  You could turn your blog into a video using Vidnami or InVideo too.

Curate articles and images to share.  If you read an interesting blog that your audience will appreciate, share the link – along with a comment about why you like it or what you disagree with.  Good for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  You might add more content on LinkedIn to share your opinion on the article subject too.  On Pinterest you can do this by pinning other people’s content onto your boards.  Depending on your audience, this might include fun or motivational videos – especially on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Share your favourite quotations or sayings.  Use Canva to make them look attractive.  Great for Instagram and Pinterest, but can also be used on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Comment on topical issues in relation to your business or your key clients businesses.  Good for LinkedIn, Facebook pages and in short form on Twitter.

Publish your top tips.  These are great for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and, if they’re not too long, can be created as an image for Instagram and Pinterest.  For YouTube you’ll probably need to collect some tips together and create a 10 top tips … or My Top 3 Tips on … video.

Promote your products or services.  This is something you need to be careful with.  You don’t like being sold at – so why should anyone else.  As long as you’re consistently generating good quality content you can get away with adding one or two promotional posts every so often.  Focus on benefits, not features.

Get creative and your social media will pop!