When you’re writing web copy it’s easy to let your keyboard run away with you! The first step is to have a structure to write within; I always mind-map my websites and then each page.

This is the structure I use:

1. Subject matter of the page
2. Purpose of the copy – i.e. what do I want people to do when they’ve read it.
3. What problems are the readers suffering from? What is their pain?
4. What would their life be like when they’ve got what I’m offering?
5. What are the key points of what I want to tell them? (notice that this comes LAST).

Use No. 3 to construct the headline and opening paragraph, sometimes using 4 as a contrast (or a carrot).

Use 3 and 4 to write about 5.

No 2 gives you the material for the call to action for the final paragraph.

No 1 gives you the button title – but NOT the page title!

The word count should not exceed 250-300 words, ideally less.
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