We’re working with a client who is launching his book at the end of April and I’ve been privileged to have beta read the book.  It’s about a huge adventure and highlights the amount of planning that is required for even a relatively short-term undertaking.

One of the messages that was clear was that even a 1% improvement can make a significant difference.  It reminded me of some learning I acquired during a business course I did some years ago.  The focus was ‘how do I grow my business?’  The answer was:

  • Increase your prices by 5%
  • Increase your customer base by 5%
  • Increase your spend per customer by 5%

5% is a small amount, but when you multiply this up, the result is surprising.  It’s not an overall increase of 5%, it compounds to become more. Over a year this can make a big difference.

So take that lesson and apply it in other areas.

  • What would happen if you worked for 5% more hours a day?
  • What would happen if you looked at your email 5% less of your time?
  • What would happen if you used your mobile phone 5% less?
  • What would happen if you stopped working for 5% of the customers that are least productive?
  • What would happen if your staff were 5% more effective?

I’m sure you can come up with your own 5%s – what could you do to improve your business?  It may take short-term investment of time, effort or even money – but the long-term improvement could be transformational.

Do you want more of the same old thing – or are you ready for a positive change?