Blog is a contraction of ‘web log’.  And a log is a kind of diary recording events and your commentary on them.  Today they have evolved far beyond that and have become much wider ranging.  This blog focuses on knowledge sharing on all things marketing, but there are blogs that are closer to the original and track journeys, events, achievements sharing progress, images and experiences.

There are blogs that focus on reviewing products or services around a specific subject.  There are blogs that feature interviews with experts in the relevant field.  There are even blogs written by many different people, but with a common target audience.

Some blogs aren’t written, but are video-based, there are now blogs that are audio only (but now we call them podcasts!).  I know of artists whose blogs are more image-focused showing progress on each piece of work.

So that means there are few rules, except that your content needs to be of interest to your target audience.

Whether your style is formal, informative, personal or quirky, it needs to be consistent and capture your audience.

Your blog should have a purpose, which might be to inform, educate, entertain or build a community and your posts should keep that purpose in mind.

What to write

When you know your purpose coming up with subjects to talk about is a whole lot easier.

If you’re an accountant write about the latest changes in tax, business grants, financial deadlines and similar issues.  Ensure your facts are accurate, but write in layman’s language as though you’re explaining to a friend who knows nothing about accounts.

If you’re a kitchen fitter write about doors and door handles, comparisons of whiteware, different styles of sink, positioning of areas, etc.  Include plenty of images so people can see what you’re talking about Be down to earth and practical.

If you’re a speaker, do a vlog (to showcase your talent) and talk about aspects of what you speak about, give insights into the life of a speaker, and share your opinions.

Whatever your expertise and specialist knowledge, you’ll have a story to share with your target audience, so know your audience and create content just for them.