I meet far too many people who want to tell me why they ‘can’t’ do something.  People who can, do – they don’t spend their time talking it over, they just get stuck in and get on with it!  Even when you offer help, some people will tell you it’s not the right time.

Of course, there are times when bigger issues must take precedence; life happens and family, friends, health and other critical issues will always be more important than things that can be done later.  However, most people aren’t delaying because there’s a bigger issue – they’re just not ready to take action.

Why am I banging on about this?  Simple – today if you’re not ready to take action, my message will be irrelevant.  Maybe next week will be too soon – although you may just about remember what I was saying.  In a month’s time you’ll barely be able to remember there was a message!  In three months, you’ll have completely forgotten I exist.

Does this mean you need to be calling potential clients relentlessly?  NO!  They’ll simply ask you to go away, take them off your list, cease and desist!

The secret is to be visible – in the places your target audience are looking.  This might be on Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Google+, Pinterest, Ecademy, in a forum or out and about in local networking groups.  Don’t keep saying ‘buy my stuff’, but help people to learn useful things that will help them – on your area of specialism.

If they keep seeing your gems of wisdom and accumulated knowledge – guess who they’ll come to when the time is right for them?