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Strictly speaking a business newsletter doesn’t fall into the category of ‘news’.  Most business newsletters are more promotion than news.  The nearest they get to news is the launch of a new product or service.

Information about what’s going on in your company really doesn’t qualify as news – unless you happen to be developing a life-saving device or working on a massive environmental change.  The brutal truth is that most people aren’t interested.  A new team member, a new premises, expansion, the latest contract you’ve won – they’re exciting for you, but not for the recipients of your newsletter.

Does this mean you shouldn’t bother sending out a newsletter?

No! A newsletter is a powerful marketing tool – but it must have value for the reader.

How to deliver value

You’re an expert in your field and you know stuff!  The best way to deliver value to your newsletter readers is to share that value.  But what does that mean?

  • Tips: Share your top 5 or 10 tips on something. People love shortcuts or clever ideas – and don’t assume that ‘everybody knows that’, what you think is obvious most people don’t know about.
  • Advice: We all have something that we wish we’d known earlier, share the wisdom you’ve learned around your area of expertise to help others. Maybe under the heading ‘I wish I’d known this earlier’, or something similar.
  • How to articles: If you write an informative blog, use that as your lead article (or at least the first few 3-4 paragraphs with a link to the article on your website).
  • A process: If you examine your area of expertise, you probably have quite a few processes you use to make something easier or more efficient. Whether it’s something you’ve learned or something you’ve created, share it with others.

What’s your offer?

If you lead your newsletter with value, you can afford to add an offer in there.  However, whatever you offer should always be presented in a way that benefits the reader.

So, NOT ‘Look at our fabulous shiny new thingamyjig’

But ‘Are you struggling with [whatever your thingamyjig fixes]?

If you can offer newsletter readers a special deal or price, better still – as long as you’re clear it is ONLY for them – and you don’t offer it anywhere else.  Make them feel special.

Give them an easily clickable call to action that takes them directly to the page where they can get the offer.

Sign off with more value

Finish with additional value – more of the same kind of things as above.

If you keep delivering value, people will appreciate your newsletters and you’ll get consistent readers.